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Getting Value Out of Data and Analytics – 28, 29, 31 March, 5 & 6 April 2022

Analytics are at the core of every business…and if they aren’t yet…they need to be. The goal for all of our modules, is immediate deployment of key learnings and approaches for fast business value.

These sessions are created to provide a broad-based understanding of analytics and using them in your organization

  • “How do I make tangible progress in analytics across my large and sprawling organization?”
  • “How do I get started?
  • “What tools, technologies and data do I need?”
  •  “How do I use them?”

Whether just beginning, having some experience or looking to lead your organization to the next level, there are topics to improve capability, skills and analytic mindset.

A basic understanding of the eco-system for developing analytics is required before taking deeper dives into target topics from analytic strategy through areas of focus in data through managerial topics of goals & structures, identifying risk areas and the importance and aspects of analytic culture.

Programs are set-up for adult and professional learners, with a focus on interactivity, discussion and sharing of industry examples

Groups are small and intimate to foster specific and targeted discussion

Who should attend: Executives, managers and practitioners in business, government or non-profit

Designed for executives and practitioners, these modules address major concepts related to the topic, industry examples, a model by which to begin integrating and deploying these concepts, and, where applicable, a roadmap or exercise to phase improvement over time.


  • Concepts
  • Industry best practice examples
  • Frameworks where applicable
  • Open discussion with Q&A
  • Pre-reading may be required

Join us on 28, 29, 31 March, 5 & 6 April 2022 8:30am to 12:00pm Singapore Time GMT +8 LIVE ONLINE TRAINING on ZOOM