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About Us


Why Training?

Ken Knowledge International is a Singapore based Company (INCORPORATED IN 2004) recognised as one of the leading providers for Financial management , Governance Risk and Compliance, Safety, Health & Environment management,  Leadership and Project Management Courses & solutions  in the Asia Pacific & Pacific Islands region.  We are passionate in what we do, growing people and equipping them with essential life and management skills to help them better perform in their work.

Co-develop with clients and Consultants to design learning for all levels in organisation. 

Cover a full spectrum of competencies ranging from Governance & Risks, Safety, Leadership, Communications, Critical Thinking, Project Management, Finance, and Internal Audits etc.

Partner with international institutions to provide certification courses.

Our strategic aim is to provide high quality, good value and excellent services.

We have an extensive track record of delivering value added solutions to meeting our client’s needs in diverse sectors and industries.

Fulfilling customer needs as one stop knowledge solution broker.

Our Experience

We constantly research and look for new ideas, what are the skill gaps, and from there, we design and develop our training courses.

Ken Knowledge International has facilitated numerous public and in-house workshops, and provided appropriate training to many of the regions Multinational companies (MNC), Local Large Enterprises as well as Government Agencies, over the years in Asia and Australasia. In addition, we also organise In-House training for many MNCs, Government and other entities.

Why Training?

Organisations are constantly looking at how to do more with less in order to keep up with the market & competition. With the increasing demand in corporate responsibilities in a short notice, managers are sometimes given short notice to acquire different or greater skills. That is why training & consultancy plays a critical aspect for advancing careers & achieving organisational success. Through ongoing learning & training, Managers are able to continuously further enhance their knowledge, as well as increase their value of contributions to their organisation.

What we Do… How We Help

Ken Knowledge International provides Managers in Asia with the knowledge, skills & tools they need to improve business performance. We have sent forth a vision to bring the best consultants from around the world, bringing you closer to the latest techniques, & thus prosper in a Competitive Business World.

We provide an environment for everyone to exchange the latest information, ideas & insights on Management Practices & Business Trends. We also provide a platform for organisation to benchmark, network & meet new friends.

How we do it

The courses we provide incorporate Best-in-Business Thinking & Practices. These are designed for all levels in an Organisation. We cover a full spectrum of competencies in all business functions, ranging from Project Management, Safety, Manufacturing, Communications, Information Technology, Leadership, Finance, Marketing & many more. These can be delivered through public workshops or Onsite/ In-house training for a customised solution.

Every organisation, regardless of its location, are able to access to our services.